Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the school. It is made up of three parent elected representatives, a school staff member and the Principal. The Board of Trustees may co-opt members to ensure succession, diversity of skills and healthy community representation.

The Board is proactive in inducting new members and encourages all members to undertake training provided by the New Zealand Schools Trustee Association.


    • Employ school staff.

    • Approve the budget for all money given to the school by the government.

    • Develop and implement the school strategic plan to ensure the future success of the school.

    • Undertake Principal appraisal.

The Board of Trustees meets twice a term. Their meetings are held in the school library and are advertised in our bi-weekly newsletter.


  • Chairperson: Angela Reynolds

  • Parent Representative: Nina Maxwell

  • Parent Representative: Dean Rabbidge

  • Staff Representative: Karen Stirling

  • Principal: Cheryl White